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  • Category: Other
  • Description: Greenthumb promotes the health of the UK community through environmental stewardship to ensure clean air and water for all students. As an activist group, we vigorously encourage the university to reduce UK’s carbon emissions to help alleviate global climate change. Overall, we desire to see the university end its dependence on coal and advance efforts towards renewable energy and sustainable practices.
  • Website: No Website
  • Keywords:
    • environment
    • activism
    • green
    • sustainability
    • environmental
    • coal
    • fracking
    • beyond coal
    • student sierra coalition
    • renewable energy
    • energy
    • climate change
    • climate action plan
    • carbon emissions
    • Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition
    • activist
    • sustainable
    • grassroots organization
    • anti-oppression
    • people power
    • green jobs

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