Executive Board Members

Regent: Tyler Reade

The Regent is the president of the chapter. He has his hands in everything, but is mostly in charge of representing the chapter, running meetings, and helping the officers with their more specialized tasks. He will assure you that he is indestructible, incapable of turning left, and the grandson of the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man.  He loves to talk, so if you have questions or just get bored don’t hesitate to call or text him. 

Vice-Regent: Brent Sokola

The Vice Regent is the vice president of the chapter. Aside from assisting the regent and the other officers with their activities, in Upsilon the Vice Regent is also in charge of all of the pledge activities. The “Master of Pledges”, so to speak. He’s the best officer of the group and Batman. Any questions/comments/complaints/concerns/boredom shoot a text or call.

Secretary: Breanna Lawson

The secretary is in charge of attendance, minutes, and the rest of the chapter’s record keeping. If you’re going to miss an event or need to know what happened during a meeting, Breanna is the girl to go to.

Treasurer: Anthony Johns

If you ain’t talking money the Treasurer don’t wanna talk. AJ is in charge of the monies. He collects the dues, keeps tabs on our bank account, and gives us the funds to plan the events. If you have a question about dues or obtaining funding for an event, AJ is your man. Also, if you guys want to discuss anything and everything Drizzy Drake related, AJ is the guy to talk to.

Sergeant-At-Arms: Stephen Howell

The Sergeant-at-Arms is the chapter’s bouncer. He keeps tabs on who is allowed into meetings, makes sure the rituals are followed, and is the enforcer in case you run into problems with the Judiciary committee. Don’t let all that scare you though; he’s one of the nicest and most dapper men you’ll meet. If you have a question on rituals once you’re a brother or just want a little male fashion advice, go to Stephen. 

Chaplain: Antonio Booker

The Chaplain’s responsibilities have to do the rituals. He makes sure they are followed and kept secret, and is the main player in initiation. In Upsilon, the Chaplain is also the PR officer. If you have a question about rituals (mainly once you’re a brother), send a text Antonio’s way.

Historians: Clyde Hamilton & Jackson Overton

Clyde (top) and Jackson are our picture and press guys. They writes the articles for the Mask and takes all of the pictures of events. If you need someone to document something or have a great idea for the Mask, contact Clyde.

Alumni Liaison: Robert Moore

The Alumni Liaison is the officer who deals with Graduate Relations. Once you have initiated, if you want to contact the grads or go to a grad house meeting, Robert is the officer who can take care of that.

Social Chair: Justin McCann

The social chair is the officer who plans all the events. The tailgate, Halloween party and any large fun event we host is the social chair’s responsibility. If you want to help at the events or have questions about them, contact Justin.

Community Outreach Co-Chairs: Hal Luo & Luke Henderson



Hal is one of the Community Co-Chairs, along with Luke Henderson (bottom). They are in charge of all the community service events. If you have a question about one, or want to sign up, contact one of these two. 

PY4 Liaison: Chelsea Hewitt

The PY4 Liaison is the go-to person for PY4 contact. They're a link to the class that's barely here and is in charge of any events that are PY4 specific. The PY4 Liaison also works with the Alumni Liaison to ensure a smooooottthhh transition from collegiate member to graduate member.

Grand Council Deputy: Kenneth Record

Co-Grand Council Deputy: Kenneth Roberts

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