The History of Upsilon

The Upsilon Chapter of Kappa Psi was founded on April 16, 1909 by Samuel C. Barron, at the Louisville College of Pharmacy. It was granted a charter by George Holstein, the first pharmacist to ever serve as Grand Regent. When the College of Pharmacy was moved from Louisville to Lexington in 1957, Upsilon moved with it. Upsilon is part of the Great Lakes Province.

Upsilon celebrated its centennial anniversary on April 16, 2009. Recent awards include the 2013 Nicholas W. Fenney Industry Scholarship award. Notable Upsilon brothers include Dr. Kenneth Record, Former Directors of the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy, Joel Thornbury and Ralph Bouvette, and Dean of the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy, David Allen.

The History of Kappa Psi

Kappa Psi was founded on May 30, 1879 and was the first professional pharmaceutical fraternity; today Kappa Psi has the largest membership of all pharmaceutical fraternities.

It was founded at Russell Military Academy in New Haven, Connecticut by Mr. F. Harvey Smith, where it was formed after a football match with Cheshire Military Academy and a second chapter was formed at this institution.

In October of 1894 a third chapter was formed at Hillhouse Academy. The founding of this third chapter brought about national aspirations.  The national chapter was designated as Alpha, and F. Harvey Smith was named Grand Alpha.

The Delta chapter was the first Collegiate chapter installed at the University of Maryland, School of Medicine and was organized by William F. Clark in 1898.

The Gamma chapter was the second collegiate chapter that was installed by F. Harvey Smith and Preston W. Eldridge at Columbia University, College of Pharmacy.

/Preston W. Eldridge Jr reserved the Beta designation for a chapter at Yale. A chapter never materialized because he pursued business instead of medicine.  The designation was later given to the chapter at the University College of Medicine at Richmond, VA on March 31, 1900.

Kappa Psi became incorporated as a national fraternity in 1903.  At this time Kappa Psi was a joint medical-pharmaceutical fraternity with chapters at both medical and pharmaceutical institutions.

The eighth collegiate chapter, Theta, was installed March 19, 1904 at the Medical College of Virginia at Richmond.  On November 17, 1917 the Delta Omicron Alpha Medical Fraternity merged with Kappa Psi.  On January 26, 1918 the Phi Delta Medical Fraternity merged with Kappa Psi.

In 1924 Kappa Psi was separated into two distinct organizations; the pharmaceutical organization maintained the name “Kappa Psi”, while the medical organization took the name “Theta Kappa Psi”.

Kappa Psi has grown in both size and quality. Any student enrolled in a College of Pharmacy who meets the local chapter requirements, is not a member of another pharmaceutical fraternity and is in good standing with the University is eligible for membership.  Members are selected on the basis of their personal qualifications.

Kappa Psi offers the opportunity for high scholastic achievement, the opportunity to develop qualities of leadership, and growth and development as a professional.



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